Situational Mindsets Indicator®

The Situational Mindsets Indicator® (SMI) advances critical thinking by offering a results oriented framework to analyze alternatives and address pressing challenges. The SMI contributes to sound decision making, smart goal setting and effective implementation planning.

Insights from the SMI ensure that leaders are doing the right thing at the right time for the right results. Using six Mindsets, leaders effectively manage competing changing demands and avoid blunders. Whether to focus on innovative new offerings, customer service and retention, organization design and systems, ROI and quality, talent retention and culture, and seizing opportunities depends on understanding present realities and practicing mental agility. The six key focal points are described below.


Key Ideas

  Boost thinking effectiveness when issues are complex, precedent setting or ambiguous.
  Mental agility captures new opportunities, handles new risks and increases innovation.
  Assessing reality and making sharp decisions enables leaders to do the right things.
  Align thinking to leverage the organization life cycle to increase effectiveness.
  Team collaboration and performance improves with aligned thinking.
  Productively resolve conflict by focusing on objective reality and goals

Our book, Situational Mindsets: Targeting What Matters When It Matters, provides insights into the situational mindset framework. Please watch the three minute video for additional information.